March 5th: MOWD Coronavirus Response

Meals on Wheels Durham is concerned about what a significant outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Durham could mean for the vulnerable seniors we serve. We are closely monitoring information and resources being shared by the experts in disease control and are putting prevention and response plans into place. We follow health officials' recommended steps to protect against coronavirus similarly to how we prevent the spread of other illnesses. Staff and volunteers are trained appropriately. 

We know the critical importance of preparation in times like this and understand the delicate balance between panic and preparedness. While we do not anticipate a disruption in service at this time, we are preparing for the eventuality that we might be advised to “shelter in place” to avoid spreading germs. Our clients, as all of our volunteers know, are quite vulnerable to the effects of illness. This virus in particular has proven to be more impactful for people with preexisting breathing difficulties. While we may have drivers willing to deliver in the event of a quarantine, we would not want to introduce this virus to our clients. To be prepared for that eventuality, we are preparing food – both shelf stable and frozen meals. If we do need to deliver 2 weeks-worth of meals to all of our clients at once, we will need many volunteers. 

Our senior clients and the volunteers that serve them remain our utmost concern. It is our hope healthcare professionals will find a way to end this epidemic, but in the meantime, please let Britt know if you are willing to help us pack food into 10 meal boxes, or if you would be willing to help deliver those boxes.

Please contact Development and Communications Director, Antoinetta Mosley at or call the office at 919.667.9424 if you have any additional questions.