April 1st: Volunteer Drivers Coronavirus Update

4-1-20 COVID-19 Update


Greetings Drivers,


This message is to keep you in the loop on our updated meal delivery schedule and our plans to practice safe delivery methods.


We will be "on the road again" beginning Monday, April 6, making the first of what will be a weekly delivery each Monday.  MOWD is considered to be an essential service. Therefore we will have letters for each driver that authorizes you to be on the road making deliveries to our clients.  For those of you that have protective gear, please bring it with you; masks, gloves and hand sanitizer.  For those that don't, we are in the process of securing as many of those items as we can to protect you during your deliveries. We will follow this protocol until we are able to transition back to our regular schedule.


To practice social distancing, we will provide a "drive-thru" service.  We ask that you please stay in your car while we relay your route to staff inside the building.  Once you park your car we will then bring your boxes and route sheets outside and load up your car for you.  Because our weekly frozen boxes are bulkier than the usual hot meals we will schedule additional drivers for the larger/longer routes to leverage space and minimize the delivery time.


We appreciate your support and your willingness to make sure that our seniors are well taken care of during this time.

Warm regards, 
The Meals on Wheels Durham Staff